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Relationship Counseling

Ruth Cohen Golmant

Are you feeling unfulfilled, unhappy, or entangled in your current relationship?


Do you wonder if you and your partner can increase your connection to one another?


Is your partner truly aware of what you need?

Why Relationship Counseling?

Creating authentic relationships on the outside begins with first connecting more deeply with ourselves. Knowing oneself requires peeling back the layers. What expectations or projections might I be placing on my partner? What might be coming through because of a primal wound from my childhood? Understanding these patterns, both with compassion for yourself as well as for your partner, will help you move closer to the connection and bond you’re ready for.

Couple's Shadow

Becoming more aware of the patterns, and being able to coach yourself through before any further damage is a vital step in couples work.

It is never too late to heal.

I have worked with couples who are stuck in unhealthy patterns, or have decided to split but are looking to remain friends or co-parents. I use a consciousness-based approach to working with couples. Often individuals come to couples counseling hoping to change “the other.”


My job is to help each individual do a U-turn to explore what is happening within themselves that co-creates the dysfunction in a relationship.


Together, we will create a container of safety where each person can witness the work or healing of the other. Having a better understanding of oneself and what activates you will help improve the quality and connection in all your relationships. Getting your feelings heard and validated is another step in the process of healing. Becoming more aware of the patterns, and being able to coach yourselves through before any further damage is done is another important step in couples work.

The quality of our relationships defines the quality of our life... ready to better yours? 

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